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September 2014

* Photo Post: Impressions of Lisbon, Portugal (September 29)
* My 5 Favorite Overlooked Cities in Spain (September 22)
* A Taste of Spain in Dallas, Texas (September 15)
What to Eat in Porto, Portugal (September 8)
Photo Post: Remembering the Space Race in Houston, Texas (September 3)
Finding Harry Potter in Porto, Portugal (September 1)

August 2014

Culture Shock in a Spanish Elementary School (August 29)
Las Médulas, the Most Unique Roman Ruins in Spain (August 27)
Photo Post: Pinchos & Castles in Ponferrada, Spain (August 25)
What to Do on a Daytrip to Astorga, Spain (August 21)
The Architecture of León, Spain (August 19)
The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in…Galicia (August 13)
* An Afternoon Coffee in Huesca, Spain (August 11)
My 5 Favorite Places to Eat in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (August 6)

July 2014

* Albarracín: The Most Beautiful Village in Spain (July 29)
My Updated Review of Spain’s North American Language & Culture Assistant Program (July 25)
* Photo Post: An Ape-Free Visit to Gibraltar (July 23)
Another Day in the Life of a Language Assistant in Spain (July 21)
* Abanqueiro, Spain: The Village Where I Worked in Galicia (July 10)
Boiro, Spain: A Typical Galician Coastal Town (July 7)
* The Legend of the Lovers of Teruel, Spain: Fact or Fiction? (July 4)

June 2014

Photo Post: Moulay Idriss, Morocco’s Spiritual Birthplace (June 28)
* Teruel, Spain: An Architecture-Lover’s Dream (June 16)
Zaragoza, Spain: The Aragonese Metropolis (June 9)
* How to Ride the Train in Spain (June 3)

May 2014

4 Things Spain Can Learn From America (May 31)
* Photo Post: Celtic Ruins & Atlantic Views in A Guarda, Spain (May 26)
What’s Big in Vigo, Spain? (May 22)
Culture Shock in a Spanish Home (May 19)
20 More Fun Facts About the Galician Language (May 14)
Photo Post: Antequera, Deep in the Heart of Southern Spain (May 12)
My #NerdAlert Pilgrimage to the Roman Ruins of Pompeii, Italy (May 7)
* Los Patios de Córdoba: The Courtyard Decorating Competition of Córdoba, Spain (May 5)

April 2014

4 Things America Can Learn From Spain (April 28)
* How to Get Around Galicia by Train (April 26)
Sounds I Miss From Texas (April 21)
Gathered Thoughts From a Trip to Portugal (April 20)
Confession: Why I’m Renewing for Another Year in Galicia (April 9)
* How to Recycle in Spain (April 7)
Photo Post: The Street Art of Zaragoza, Spain (April 5)

March 2014

Photo Post: Colexiata de Sar, the Leaning Church of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (March 26)
Confessions of a Texan in Spain (March 20)
Photo Post: Monte Pedroso in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (March 18)
The Mercado de Abastos (Farmers Market) of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (March 15)
My 10 Favorite Churches in Rome (March 13)
3 Cold Spanish Soups (& Recipes!): Ajoblanco, Salmorejo, Gazpacho (March 10)
Thoughts from Aragón, Spain’s Forgotten Interior (March 8)
* 3 Warm Spanish Stews (& Recipes!): Callos, Fabada, Lentejas (March 6)

February 2014

* Gaudí Week #7: Casa Vicens in Barcelona, Spain (February 23)
Gaudí Week #6: The Crypt-Church of Colònia Güell near Barcelona, Spain (February 22)
Gaudí Week #5: Palau Güell in Barcelona, Spain (February 21)
Gaudí Week #4: Casa Milà a.k.a. “La Pedrera” in Barcelona, Spain (February 20)
Gaudí Week #3: Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain (February 19)
Gaudí Week #2: Casa Batlló in Barcelona, Spain (February 18)
* Gaudí Week #1: Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain (February 17)
Introducing the Architecture of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain (February 16)
10 Tips for Rolling the Spanish R (February 15)
If You Love Castles, You’ll Love Spain’s Jaén Province (February 9)
How I Stopped Worrying About Taking Pictures and Learned to Love Siena, Italy (February 7)
* Photo Post: Cazorla, Spain, Gateway to the Mountains (February 2)

January 2014

Get Excited About Springtime in Andalucía (January 30)
The Food I Miss From Jaén Province, Spain (January 28)
Photo Post: The Roman-Walled City of Lugo, Spain (January 26)
Hiking Pico Sacro Outside of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (January 24)
What I Enjoyed the Most in Florence, Italy (January 13)
* They Speak More Than Just Spanish in Spain (January 9)
The Ancient, Whitewashed Village of Carmona, Spain (January 6)

December 2013

* Gathered Thoughts From a Trip to Italy (December 31)
22 Fun Facts About the Galician Language (December 15)
Photo Post: Meknes, Morocco’s Forgotten Imperial City (December 9)
* 6 Things to Do in Ourense, Spain: Galicia’s Best-Kept Secret (December 7)
* On Saying “Bye!” to Say “Hi!” When Passing Friends in Spain (December 1)

November 2013

* Photo Post: Visiting Alicante, Spain, for the Friends, Not the Museums (November 23)
Is It Blasphemy to Dislike Granada, Spain? (November 21)
Culture Shock at a Supermarket in Spain (November 12)
Photo Post: The Sierra de Segura Mountains in Eastern Andalucía (November 7)
* Segovia, Spain: 3 Facets of a Castilian Gem (November 5)

October 2013

How to Drink Coffee in Spain: 8 Ways to Order a Cup of Joe (October 30)
Photo Post: The Medieval-Renaissance Village of Sabiote, Spain (October 20)
On Saying “Enjoy Your Meal!” to Strangers in Spain (October 19)
* How to Apply for Your NIE in Santiago de Compostela (and Get Your TIE) (October 17)
How to Get Empadronado (Registered) in Santiago de Compostela (October 11)
* Photo Post: The Cozy Renaissance Village of Baeza, Spain (October 7)

September 2013

Tearing Down 6 Spanish Stereotypes (September 27)
* A Guided Tour of Úbeda, Spain (September 19)
* How to Spend 48 Hours Eating in Úbeda, Spain (September 17)
An Homage to Úbeda, My Pueblo in Spain (September 16)
How I Fell in Love with Jaén, Spain—the Queen of the Olive Groves (September 12)
A Pilgrimage to Fisterra, Spain (September 9)
* Mérida, Spain: Extremadura’s Living Reminder of Rome (September 3)
* Málaga, Spain: More Than Beaches (September 1)

August 2013

4 Reasons You Should Know About Linares, Spain (August 28)
* Capture the Colour: Photos Across the Spectrum in Morocco and Spain (August 26)
Answering Your Questions About Walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago (August 17)
Sevilla, Spain: The Heartbeat of Andalucía (August 15)
* Villanueva del Arzobispo: The Town Where I Worked in Spain (August 10)
3 Spanish Words for “Castle” That Come From Arabic (August 6)
5 Ways to Speak Spanish Like a Spaniard (August 4)

July 2013

How to Go to a Moroccan Hammam (Public Bath) (July 30)
Chefchaouen, Morocco: Photos of a Blue, Spanish-Style Town (July 28)
FAQ about Volubilis, Morocco: Roman Ruins in North Africa (July 21)
6 Weird Things We Do in the United States (July 15)
* Fez, Morocco: The Medieval City of 9,000 Streets (July 12)
* June Monthly Update: Coming Home Edition (July 1)

June 2013

My Review of Spain’s North American Language and Culture Assistant Program (June 26)
How to Renew for a Second Year for Spain’s Language Assistant Program (June 19)
* Ceuta and Melilla: African Spain (June 15)

May 2013

May Monthly Update: Last Month Edition (May 31)
7 Ways to Discover Almería, Southern Spain’s Best-Kept Secret (May 30)
Valencia, Spain: A Pretty, Tasty City Worth Visiting (May 15)
* April Monthly Update: Happy Spring Edition (May 7)
* I’m Going to Galicia Next Year! (May 6)

April 2013

7 Things I’m Looking Forward to About America (April 28)
* Confession: I’m Homesick (April 25)
8 Reasons Spain’s Language Assistant Program Makes Traveling Easy (April 22)
* Toledo: Memorial to a Might-Have-Been Spain (April 20)
* How to Do Your Taxes as a Language Assistant in Spain (April 16)
Don Quixote’s Windmills in La Mancha, Spain (April 10)
Pamplona, Spain: Not Hemingway’s Bullfighting Cliché (April 8)
* Collected Lessons Learned From a Trip to Morocco (April 5)
* March Monthly Update: Happy Flowery Passover Edition (April 1)

March 2013

* Bilbao, Spain: Where the Modern Art Museum IS Art (March 21)
* San Sebastián, Spain: Coastal Gem of the Basque Country (March 21)
* 7 Things You DON’T Have To Do as a Language Assistant in Spain (March 17)
Festival de Música Antigua: Úbeda and Baeza’s Classical Music Festival (March 11)
* A Day in the Life of a Language Assistant in Spain (March 10)

February 2013

February Monthly Update: Spain, Will You Be My Valentine? (February 28)
* The Château of Azay-le-Rideau, France: The Floating Loire Valley Castle (February 26)
* Packing List for a “Puente” Weekend Trip in Spain (February 23)
* The Château of Chinon, France: Chasing Eleanor of Aquitaine’s Old Haunts (February 21)
* Saint-Malo, France: Brittany in a Mussel Shell (February 14)
6 Reasons to Have a Smartphone in Spain (February 13)
Mont-Saint-Michel, France: An Island Fortress in the English Channel (February 9)
* How to Apply For a Carné Joven in Spain (European Youth Card) (February 5)
* Bayeux, France: Home to a Story-Telling Tapestry (February 2)
* January Monthly Update: Time Flies, I Take the Train Edition (February 1)

January 2013

* Paris: The Best Christmas Present (January 25)
* 10…Make That 24 Hours in Barcelona’s Old Town (January 18)
* Collected Lessons Learned from a Trip to France (January 12)
* December Monthly Update: Happy Nativity edition (January 9)

December 2012

* Córdoba, Spain: Christians, Jews, Muslims…and Travelers (December 20)
* 5 Things That Scare Me in Spain (December 18)
* Recipe: Personal Pan Spanish Tortilla (December 15)
* Granada, Spain: City of Magic (December 11)
* Sloppy Joes, Expat Edition (Recipes Inside!) (December 8)
November Monthly Update: The Day of Giving of Thanks Edition (December 4)

November 2012

* 10 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Your Apartment in Andalucía in the Winter (November 29)
* Thanksgiving 2012, Expat Edition (November 27)
* 5 Things to Be Thankful for When Living Abroad in Spain (November 24)
7 Helpful North American Language and Culture Assistant Blogs (November 20)
* Albacete: or There and Back Again from Arabic to Spanish (November 17)
* Different Sets of Words for Olives and Olive Trees Across Andalucía (November 12)
* What the Catalan Language is NOT (November 10)
* How to Dress Like a Spanish Grandpa (November 4)
* October Monthly Update: Getting Settled Edition (November 2)

October 2012

* 4 Names for “Teacher” in Spanish (October 22)
* How Do We Define Where We’ve Lived or Traveled? (October 18)
* How Do We Define Language Fluency? (October 15)
* Weekly Update 3: First Day of School Edition (October 13)
* What’s WhatsApp? The Spanish Alternative to Texting (October 10)
* How to Vote Abroad From Spain in U.S. Elections (October 8)
* Weekly Update 2: Dragging My Luggage Across Town Edition (October 5)
* How to Apply for Your NIE in Jaén (and Get Your TIE) (October 5)
* On Power Plugs and Voltage in Spain (October 3)

September 2012

* Weekly Update 1: Jetlag Edition (September 28)
* 3 Attitudes I Don’t Want This Blog to Have, and 3 I Do (September 20)
* Culture Shock Before Even Setting Foot in Spain (September 13)
* 9 Ways I Experienced Culture Shock in Costa Rica (September 4)

August 2012

* A Word about the Six Flags of Texas (August 30)
* Bought the Transatlantic Plane Tickets (August 28)
* My Spanish Visa Arrived—It’s Officially Official Now! (August 24)
* 17 English Names for Spanish Places (August 14)
* How to Apply for a Student Visa for Spain at the Houston Consulate (August 7)
* Villanueva del Arzobispo Is Theatrical, Evidently (August 2)

July 2012

* How to Apply for the North American Language & Culture Assistant Program (July 31)
* The School Placement Letter Arrived Today! (July 26)
* 5 Reasons NOT to Study Abroad (July 24)
* On Inserting Random Spanish Words in English-Language Posts (July 19)
* 5 Reasons to Study Abroad (July 17)
* 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to About Spain (July 12)
5 Things I’m Going to Miss About Texas (July 10)
* Welcome to the Blog! (July 6)
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