My Spanish Visa Arrived—It’s Officially Official Now!

US passport with Spanish student visa
My student visa (visado de estudios).

I opened up the mailbox this afternoon and was initially surprised to see a letter-sized USPS Priority Mail cardboard envelope inside; I couldn’t remember ordering anything that shape recently. But when I saw the address in my handwriting on the front, I realized that the Consulate of Spain in Houston had approved my application for a student visa and had sent it back glued in my passport! Hooray!

The days of waiting on Spain to get their act together are now over. (I’m gonna eat those words pretty soon here, though, I’m sure…) From finally getting off the waitlist in early July, to getting my school placement in late July, to applying for my visa in early August and receiving it now, in late August, I can now officially officially say I am going to Spain. What a relief!

I had applied in person at the consular office in Houston on August 2 and the visa says my application was approved on August 13. Ten days after that, it showed up at home.

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