Photo Post: The Galician Resort Town of Sanxenxo, Spain

Sanxenxo, Spain
Silgar Beach

My weekend trip down south to Vigo back in January took me to a few new places I hadn’t explored before in the area: a legit Mexican restaurant in Vigo, the monumental old town of Pontevedra, and the granite-paved fishing village of Combarro.

Sanxenxo, Spain
Fishing boats

My last stop took me west of Combarro and Pontevedra. Hanging out on the north side of the Ría de Pontevedra estuary lies Sanxenxo, a resort town whose population (and rent) doubles in the summer as out-of-town folks flood the apartments that sprawl across the south-facing beaches.

Sanxenxo, Spain
Apartment ad

Pronounced “sahn-SHEN-show” [sanˈʃen.ʃo] (probably the funnest Galician place-name of them all to say), this town was unfortunately rather dull in the cold of winter, despite the unusual January sunshine. The friends I daytripped out here with and I all wished we could have just laid out on the beach, but instead we buttoned up our coats and tightened our scarves when we got out of the car.

Sanxenxo, Spain
In the Port of Sanxenxo

Still, Sanxenxo’s small harbor was really pretty, with lots of colorful fishing boats moored to the wharfs, many laden with netted nasas or octopus traps. Unable to sunbathe on the what looked like an otherwise attractive beach, we hiked down to the city park on Punta Vicaño and listened to the late-afternoon waves roll in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Sanxenxo, Spain
Looking out onto the Ría de Pontevedra estuary

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Sanxenxo, January 10th, 2015

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