Bought the Transatlantic Plane Tickets

Since my visa came in the mail a few days ago, I bought my airplane tickets to Spain yesterday. I was originally planning to take advantage of Iberia’s Special Student Offer (which also applies to language assistants), but as I was about to pay for my tickets, I realized they didn’t accept my credit card company—which means a loss of cash back rewards. So, I hopped over to US Airways’ website (where they do accept my credit card) and found a ticket that was $85 cheaper: $1,000, all fees and taxes included.

US to Spain transatlantic plane flight
My flight, kudos to Great Circle Mapper

I’ll leave the US in late September with a short layover in Philadelphia (gotta love US Airways hubs!) before the long overnighter to Madrid. If I have any luck at all, I might get a few hours of sleep.

Let the packing begin!

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