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Big in Big D, Y’all: What to See, Eat, & Do in Dallas, Texas

When I moved back to Texas back in July after living in Spain for three years, I felt guilty that I could give people better food or sightseeing recommendations for cities like Madrid or Santiago de Compostela than I could for the city I claimed was my hometown, Dallas. Now, part of the problem was that I actually grew up in Plano, a suburb to the north of Dallas, but that didn’t excuse me from not knowing this place as well as I should. View this post on Instagram The iconic Dallas Pegasus slowly rotates on a mini oil derrick just after sunset. Originally crafted in 1934, this porcelain-plated metal sign with neon illumination topped the Magnolia Building in Downtown Dallas for decades and became an enduring symbol of the city of Dallas. When Magnolia Oil was folded into Mobil, the red Pegasus followed, showing up at gas stations across the country. It was replaced with a replica in 2000 and relegated to a shed near White Rock